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7 Sexual Pick Up Lines to Get Him Into Your Bed

Want to know the secret sexual pick up lines that GIRLS use on guys? Read on…

Thought sexual pick up lines were something that just guys use? Well think again.

Girls are now on an equal footing with guys in nearly every sphere of life (at least we are getting much much closer than before). So why shouldn’t you decide who you sleep with rather than waiting to be swept off your feet by price charming. If you want something, go out and get it.

Some of my girlfriends have netted some *amazing* men (that, in all honesty are waaaaay out of their respective ‘leagues’, we’re talking guys that would not look out of place on the laminate cover of GQ) in bars using some sexual pick up lines  and techniques designed specifically for girls. The major difference between a sexual pick up line that a guy would use and a pick up line that a girl would use is this:

The girly sexual pick up lines have class and style and make you seem like the innocent Disney princess, whereas the male ones are rude and crass and make the guy seem like a helpless oaf ready to be harpooned by your feminine social savvy.

7 Sexual Pick Up Lines to Get Him Into Your Bed

1. “Can I get a male opinion on something?…”

Get his opinion sexual pick up line

Get his opinion sexual pick up line

This is the stealthiest of the sexual pick up lines on this list. Why? Because it is an *indirect* way of starting a conversation. The last thing you want to do is appear desperate by approaching him with something lame like “you’re really hot”. No. You are different from every other horny girl. You want to be indirect and initiate conversation in a manner that suggests that the primary reason for initiating conversation is nothing to do with feeling his naked toned physique embrace you all night long (whilst secretly you harbour those desires).

“Can I get a male opinion on something, my friend [Amber’s] boyfriend has a shoebox FULL of his ex girlfriend’s pictures that he REFUSES to throw in the trash – would you do that? Do you think that’s cheating?

This is great because it immediately creates a sexual, debauched vibe. You’ll also make the guy feel like an authority on a subject, which he will love (guys love to feel like the boss, the CEO, the mac daddy, the original G…you get it). Gaze into his eyes as he answers and subtly segue into other conversation. He’s yours, get your coat.

2. “You Look French”

Oh la la sexual pick up line

Oh la la sexual pick up line

At MyManHappy all of the writers have a soft spot for French guys. Maybe its their accent, maybe it’s their burning sense of passion, maybe it’s their cheese? Yes, it’s their cheese. In any case, I digress. All joking aside, there is something about French guys and sex that fits together effortlessly. That’s why accusing him of looking French (even if that isn’t true) is a great sexual pickup line to imply sexual attraction but not overtly state it. You can even follow this line up with a national stereotype such as:

“Do you ride around on a little bicycle all day with a garland of onions around your neck and a small beret?” (said with a  smirk)

Teasing guys so early is FUN and shows great confidence and social savvy, which guys absolutely love. So the above tease should bring a smile to his cute face and get him thinking that you’re the kind of girl that has more to her than just a pretty face.

3. “Did you see the fight outside?” Create drama and sexual tension.

The sexual pick up line about fighting

The sexual pick up line about fighting

I actually stole this from the world of male pick up lines but it also works a treat on guys. Hot guys that you’d like to be with get approached by other chicks all the time so you must to differentiate yourself with something interesting to say. Here’s my suggestion for a novel way to create an opening in a bar:

“OMG, did you just see the fight outside? It was crazy, two guys were fighting over a girl, they were hitting each other one of them was bleeding. And the crazy thing is, the girl they were fighting over wasn’t even that pretty!”

4. The ‘accidental’ (on purpose) sexual stumble and grab “OMG I’m sooooo sorry”

This sexual pick up line makes him your prince charming

This sexual pick up line makes him your prince charming

This one is not a sexual pickup line per se but is an excellent tactic I see the savviest of girls using all the time on guys way above their leagues. The trick is as follows:

Face away from him with your back towards him. Pull out your phone and use your wing-women to pretend pose for a photo. Begin to take the photo but then suddenly take a step in a jolting fashion backwards towards his body. Feign and stumble and ideally land in his arms, being sure to press your free hand firmly on his upper body as you clamber away. Touching guys is more powerful than words to arouse their sense of sexual tension.

Pull away and start conversation. Don’t worry about coming off as an oaf. I have thrown an entire drink over a really (I mean super model quality) guy and still ended up dating him for a while. Guys tend to think it’s cute and endearing if you’re a bit clumsy. Drop the art of feminine sophistication occasionally to show him your human and to create massive and instant rapport.

5. The sexual pick up lines test “I bet you just want to sleep with me”

Is this all you want?

Is this all you want?

This is the first of two special sexual pick up lines on this list that you must only use on the cutest of guys. Why? Because it knocks him down a peg or two if he thinks he’s the greatest seducer of all time. I’m willing to bet you already say things like this subconsciously but here is the best way to knock a really hot guy off his pedestal and into your bed, here goes. A few minutes into conversation when he begins to show mild interest deploy this nuclear bomb:

“I bet you just want to sleep with me, you just want me for sex don’t you?”

9/10 of hot guys will quickly begin denying and apologising for themselves with things like:

“No No No. Not at all. You seem cool” etc.

Yada Yada Yada. You win. He started apologising to you for absolutely nothing. The power is now with you and you should feel free to do with him as you wish.

If he replies nonchalantly with:

“Yes, I do just want you for sex. I’m like a rabbit. All I want is sex.” 😉

It is confirmed: he is a right regular ladies man and had probably slept with hundreds of women. Immediately take cover and start deploying the other strategies on this website to effortlessly get the best of guys into your bed.

6. “Sorry, what did you just say?”

Sorry I didn't hear you?

Sorry I didn’t hear you?

This doesn’t sound that sexual but it really is. Probably the most devious trick in the book. Pretend not to hear what he is saying with the words:

“Sorry, what did you just say”?

He will instinctively lean in and closer to you to repeat himself. This achieves two important things (i) he is physical closer to you which is great for building proper sexual tension (ii) you now hold the power in the interaction, the person that leans in the most loses. Do with him as you wish from this point forward, he lost.

7. The pervert accusation.

Stare deep into his soul when you deliver this sexual pickup line

Stare deep into his soul when you deliver this sexual pick up line

Are you ready for the jugular? The so-called pervert accusation is the gold standard, best in class sexual pick up line for girls. You do it like this in a bar:

“Were you just staring at my breasts/ass/legs?” [delete as appropriate depending on what you feel like accusing him of looking at]

…with vexed facial expression.

Do me a favour, DO NOT tell your friends about this sexual pick up line. The last thing I want is girls using this one across metropolitan America and ruining my chances with the hottest guys. It is the stealthiest and scariest of techniques on this list.

Usually the poor guy will start defending himself, “OMG no I wasn’t”. He’ll do anything under the sun to prevent being labelled a pervert. By that point, he’s yours, you can do what you want with him. He’s your plaything.

BUT. The guy you really want to sleep with is the guy that makes no apology for his wandering eyes. If his response is ‘yes, I was, you are very sexy and I can’t stop thinking about sex’ or words to that effect, you need to deploy anti-player defence. This guy is a seasoned player. Here’s how to deal with him:


If he cowers into his shirt and walks away, he’s nowhere near good enough for you. If he doesn’t flinch and looks you straight in the eye and says ‘nah, I quite like it right here’, congrats, you are in the presence of a man that not only likes YOU but has balls of steel. Go for it girl, ride him like you’re at a fucking rodeo.

Of course once you’ve dated the guy, wouldn’t it be nice to know what sex questions to ask a guy to put him under your spell forever?

Peace and love

Lisa the Pickup Princess.