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The 3 Best Protein Powders For Women

best protein powders for women

The word protein powder is very sensitive subject for women.  Let alone a list of the best protein powders for women.

Women usually associate the word protein to a big gigantic muscle meathead in front every muscle magazine cover,  with the word P-R-O-T-E-I-N next to them.

I DON’T BLAME  you ladies, I used to think the same.

However, It’ actually the most important micronutrient that a woman needs for any fitness goal like…

  • Maintenance ( maintain muscle mass)
  • Body Recomposition ( maintain muscle or even gain some muscle  and lose fat)
  • Cutting (keeping as much muscle mass as you can while lowering body fat)
  • Bulking (gain muscle while keeping an eye for body fat increases)

Ladies take it from me: “Let go of the fear of that you end up looking  like a bodybuilder.” Not even the best protein powders for women will have you looking like a dude.  

I don’t know what the dudes on the magazine covers are taking, but it sure as hell ain’t no regular protein supplements 😉

Protein does not do that to people.You need super mystical substances to look like they do.Protein is not all that magical, it’s just food or in this case, a supplement to supplement your fitness goals.

Let me ask you something, have you ever wondered why you say…  

“ I want something sweet?”

I’ll tell you why….

Lack of protein is why. You see you need protein to help stabilize your blood sugar level.  If the blood sugar levels get too low your body screams for sugar right away.

Since candy(sugar) is addicting, it’s very easy to eat bag after bag of sweets, that something you can’t do with chicken.

‘Try eating bags of chicken.

So if you’re striving for that toned look, like I’m sure most of you are,  sugar will keep you from ever achieving that look.

Therefore if you want to be fit, toned and lean, increase your protein.

Speaking of increasing your protein

how much protein do you actually need?

It depends on you, my suggestion is to keep it between “100-110g per day.”

Anybody who tells you more than that is just lying their ass off.

The hard part, however, is eating a large amount of protein. Believe it or not, 100 grams of protein is a big number.

If you’re like the average woman you won’t have the time to be eating chicken and steak during the day and much less at work. 

It’s not really sexy when you’re cracking open a container of chicken which smells like pure fart.

Don’t worry ladies .. that’s why I’m here to make things easy for you by giving you a list of the… 

3 Best Protein Powders For Women

Let’s check them out and see how they can benefit you.

IsoPure Zero Carb

This is one of best protein powders out there.  My aunt who trains with a female bodybuilder recommended it to me.

At the time I was trying to get ripped by decreasing my carb intake and this shake definitely helped with that.

At first, I was skeptical I mean what about the carbs don’t we need them?

Well, you do, but not so much.  You see the reason being is that with this type of supplement not only is it high quality and tasty, but you can do so much with it without containing the usual regular amount of carbs per serving (15 grams +).

Imagine what kind of creative protein shake recipes you can make with it.  You can add any healthy source of carbs with it.

My method is to make a batch of oatmeal, throw (1-2 scoops of IsoPure protein into the mix), then mix it around for a delicious flavored high protein moderate carb meal.

All it took was 8 minutes!

However, you don’t have to follow my example like I said you can put any type of carbs or fats to compliment with this zero carb protein supplement, preferably fruits like apples or bananas.

Tip: For the ladies who are carb conscious and want to lean down significantly, this the protein powder for you. Be sure to mix and match with carbs and have fun with it. Until you find something that works for you.

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

This was actually the first protein I ever bought. I had a ton of good reviews and all my friends were using it.

Talking about friends, they are all athletes with nice slim toned legs.  One of them plays for varsity volleyball team.

She told me she just takes it for when she’s on the go.

Her method was convenient just put 2 scoops in her portable mixer and take it to the game.If she needed it, all she did was add some water and shake the mixer around and complimented it with a banana.

It was so simple I started doing it…

Except, I took the mixer to the gym. Imagine carrying that big bulky protein tub around. Not happening.

Tip:  If you’re trying to maintain your muscle or even trying gain muscle get some  Optimum Whey Protein. After all,  is losing your nice tone legs worth it?

Gaspari Nutrition Whey Protein

This protein powder is my go to protein for all my needs currently. It’s very very versatile.  You can use this for …

  • For leaning down
  • Keeping fuller longer ( different types of protein all in one)
  • Upping your protein
  • Keeping your tone legs

And much more.

The best part it’s probiotic, so if you have digestive issues. This will clear things out for you.  On top of that, it’s the tastiest of all the protein recommendation so far.

Additionally, it has other types of protein besides just whey (egg, casein..etc)

Tip: So if you really still craving something sweet but with protein in the mix get some Gaspari nutrition whey to keep you full longer.

In Conclusion

Any of the protein powders above can help you achieve your fitness goal.  Most importantly they don’t break the bank and definitely increase your protein intake.

Although protein helps keep more of what you want to keep

  • Tone Legs
  • Tone Butt
  • Tone back
  • Slim waist

Don’t think protein is magical. You still have to have a good balance diet as well as hitting the gym (3x a week).

Remember the best protein powders for women are supplements, the supplement to help achieve your fitness goals.

Have you tried any of the best protein powders for women above?  If so, for which goal did you use it for?

Share with us below.

– Dani

PS: If you have any recommendation for best protein powders for women, leave a comment below so I can add yours to the list =)