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The Best Resource to Buy Discount Cosmetics

Discount Cosmetics

Here is the service you makeup addicts you never knew you needed! A massive hub to buy discount cosmetics!

If you are anything like me (a.k.a. a makeup hoarder and a YouTube junkie), you might have already heard of Glambot. A fair amount of our favorite beauty gurus has already done a haul or a review video of the website. That being said, there is still not a lot of buzz around it, so for me, it also had that ‘secret deal’ appeal.

So what am I talking about?

Basically, Glambot is a website where you can buy cosmetics (makeup in particular) for a fraction of the retail price. Why? Because it has been used or pre-owned.

Wait, wait, wait. Don’t click away just yet.

I know the perspective of using a product that somebody else had been spilling all their germs over is not exactly appealing at first (or like, at all). But all makeup goes through extensive quality and authenticity checks, as well as sanitizing. Some of it has never even been opened.

It’s basically the equivalent of your girlfriend giving/selling you that wrong shade foundation she got as a gift (well, or unflattering shade of lipstick, because in my experience nobody gives foundations as gifts). It’s cheap, fun, and a great way to expand your makeup collection.

And there is more. You can actually sell products to Glambot, in exchange for GlamBucks (basically store credit) or actual cash. If you decide to have your earnings in store credit, you get 30% more, so that’s nice, right? It’s a great way to get quality products at crazy discount cosmetics prices.

Anyways, as with any service online, even if the idea is cool and their page looks decent, trustworthy, and well-designed, it could still be a crappy experience. This is where first-hand reviews come in. So without any further rambling, let’s get into the actual review of Glambot — all the pros and cons, spilled 😉

Glambot Review—Is It The Ultimate Place to Buy Discount Cosmetics?

Pros of buying Pre-Used and Discount Cosmetics

1. The price

Hands down, a great deal is a great great, period.

I love me a good opportunity to save a buck or two, which then go back into the ‘Buy All the Makeup’ fund.

That might be the thrifty, frugal part of me speaking, but if I can get something for half the price, especially makeup (which gets so expensive when you are a M.A.C.-addict like me), I will. Glambot has incredibly good offers on the products they sell.

In fact, it is practically a drugstore price for a high-end product.

I mean, how cool is that? You can be on a budget and still get high-quality makeup.

On top of their already pretty low prices, they often have sales and coupons (check out their current Buy 1, Get 1 Free campaign). I subscribed to their email list, as well, because it gives you access to some pretty sweet exclusive discounts. They don’t send too much spam either (and you can always unsubscribe).

2. They have discontinued products

The struggle of having your favorite product discontinued is real. The only solution in such cases are pages like Glambot, and admittedly it can be a life-saver. Or maybe I’m exaggerating my heartbreak at entering a store and finding my beloved eye-shadow shade is off the shelves. In any case, unlike buying discontinued items on eBay, buying them on Glambot is significantly cheaper.

They sell it for a fraction of the original price, not at 5 times what the product retailed for. What’s more, it requires little to no digging through pages and pages of listings. True, they don’t always have everything, but in my experience, 9 out 10 times you will find what you were looking for.

3. It’s all sanitized and not-gross

The first issue that comes to mind when you ‘makeup consignment store’ is whether that stuff is actually clean. And coming from a person that won’t go out of her house without a hair sanitizer (plus other borderline compulsive habits), yes it is.

What they do after receiving your makeup is firstly they make sure it’s all genuine and clean, and then sanitize it themselves. Depending on the product, they might use anything from different alcohol solutions to natural emollients, to removing some layers of the product, to make sure you are not getting any germs along with that pretty pink blush. If you think about it, that is much more sanitary than swapping makeup with your friends, since they probably did not sanitize it at all.

Another common concern is expiration dates. Glambot buys all the makeup they sell directly from people like you and me (a.k.a. gals that have bought some nice makeup, found that the particular product does not work well for them and hope to pass it on to someone that can love it better). They specifically say that they will not accept any products that are past their expiration date, and they also check the period after opening. Since most products have some sort of preservative in their formulation, the shelf life is long enough for the makeup to be bought, unloved and resold, without any safety concern for the second buyer.

4. They will buy your products

The cool thing about Glambot is that you can also sell your products to them. They will pay for the shipping of your items, revise them and then give you a quote of how much they are willing to give for your makeup. It isn’t usually a very large amount of money, but you can increase it by receiving it in the form of store credit. The so-called Glambucks will be 30% more than the regular bucks you receive (I might have already mentioned that, but I mean, it is pretty cool).

How it works is you go to the Sell tab of their website and request a shipping label. They send you one by email, so you can send your box of items for free. Once they receive the package, they email you (within 5 days) and give you an offer. If you don’t like it, they will ship the products back, no questions asked. If you do — you just say so and soon you have that fresh $$$ to get new makeup. And you have extra money to spend on other things like bikinis or Kratom 🙂

Of course, eBay is still an option if you want to sell used makeup, but for me, it’s just not worth the time wasted. You have to take pictures, create the listings, ship out the products… For me, I’d rather go for convenient, even if the price they offer is slightly lower.

The Cons of Discount Cosmetics with Glambot (well, there seem to be very little, but still):

1. Some people have complained about what they got for their products

The most common issue that seems to come up when you research Glambot online is that they offer to pay too little for products that were bought at a quite high retail price. While it is understandably frustrating to not have your expectations met, to me this is just a matter of researching before sending.

One thing I really liked about the Glambot website is that they have a calculator that tells you approximately how much they usually pay for a certain item.

Since a lot of work goes into sanitizing and repackaging the products, as well as running the website, providing customer service etc. you can’t expect that they will buy the makeup at a very high price from you. As I already mentioned, selling on Glambot is infinitely easier than listing your stuff on eBay or Craigslist and that does come at the price of lower earnings for you. Bottomline is, before you send over your makeup, check what you can gain from it and then decide if it is worth it for you.

2. Their skincare section is still quite small

Glambot used to be very M.A.C. based for the makeup they sold, but now they have a lot more brands.

They still don’t have a lot of skincare discount cosmetics, though.

I am guessing this is because people mostly know them for makeup, but I really hope they broaden their skincare products selection. For the moment, they mostly sell face creams, primers and BB creams (a.k.a. stuff that more or less has to do with makeup). Check out the section, they do have some pretty nice deals, but the variety is still a little lacking.

In conclusion…

Glambot probably won’t make you rich with the money they will pay for your unused/gently used makeup, but they are a great place to get high-end products on a broke/near-broke girl budget.

People trust them (even judging by the sheer amount of inventory they have and the fact that they are constantly expanding what products they carry), the makeup is all safe and clean and the price is beyond awesome. This makes Glambot a no-brainer to get your discount cosmetics.

For me, that’s enough incentive to give them a go!