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Kinobody Goddess Review—Best Way for Girls to Get Fit?

Have you noticed you need to lose some weight, maybe tone up, stop binging on potato chips at 3 AM, look at that arm flab, lack of thigh gap, your butt is not perfectly round and perky, lets not even mention those tummy rolls… It goes on and on, and on. For the record, no, I personally don’t think you need to change a single thing about yourself, but it is tough not to want to. The entertainment industry, the media, our own Instagrams are a source of constant body shaming. If it’s not the fat girls, it’s the girls that are too skinny, or that are not toned up or those that don’t have long legs. Yup, loving your body has never been more difficult!

And here comes a Kinobody Goddess review—a fitness and diet program. It does seem a bit hypocritical, I know. But hear me out on this, the thing that is best about the Kinobody Goddess Program is that it does not start from the exercise, it does not begin with a food regimen, it does not tell you that you need to punish yourself and your body in order to finally feel good about yourself.

It starts with your motivation.

Greg O’Gallagher is a very popular and successful fitness guru, with most of his programs being geared towards men. Guys have had some truly amazing results under his instruction (click here to see some) and naturally, those guys have sisters, friends, and girlfriends that wanted to try out the programs. Or at least that is how the story on the official website goes. But even if he did it just to gain some cash from us girls, that’s totally fine by me, as long as the finished product is worth the time, money, and energy I will spend on it.

Kinobody Goddess Review

So what is the Kinobody Goddess Program like?

Basically, a self-paced e-course that comes in the form of a PDF with all sorts of useful information, plans, encouragement and more, as well as video demonstrations of the exercises you will be expected to do. There are around 3 hours of video available in the membership area of Kinobody, so they have you covered for doing the exercises correctly (and thus reaping the most benefit our of them).

Let’s continue on with our Kinobody Goddess review…

The first part is on motivation.

kinobody goddess review

In Section 1: The Goddess Physique you will figure out why you want to get a lean, healthy body and what this entire battle comes down to (spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with cutting carbs). On top of that, at the end, you get an entire Goddess Mindset Guide that will serve as a workbook of sorts to help keep you motivated. At first, you might be tempted to overlook this, because your initial motivation will have you jumping up and down, impatient for the real action to begin.

But stop right here — figuring out genuine and deep motivation is a real action. If all that makes you want to eat right and exercise is a hatred toward your body, or a desire to look like this model, or that actress, or that skinny girl you saw on the street, this simply will not do. It can either drive you to an eating disorder or just fade away in the face of that thick-crust large pepperoni that tastes a million times better than skinny feels.

Now that I have had a good old rant on the importance of self-love, body confidence, and strong and real motivation, let’s move on to the rest of this Kinobody Goddess review.

The Kinobody Goddess workout plan includes strength training and ab exercises as the main focus, with cardio being very light (and also optional).

It focuses a lot on educating you about what each exercise will do for you, how to do the exercise properly and the importance of correct form for results. He also explains in detail why the whole ‘I don’t do strength training because I don’t want to bulk up’ is a huge myth, how there is literally no natural way for a woman to become super bulky (hint: it has to do with the fact that we are female, we are built differently, and we have different hormones). Greg goes on to educate you on muscle formation and on how having more muscle helps you look better in the long run.

There are also a lot of misconceptions among women about cardio and Greg dispels a lot of myths here, too. Even if you love cardio (and you will literally be the first person I have seen that actually does), you are probably making some mistakes that could mean that you are not getting the best results possible.

You will need a gym membership to do most of the exercises, though. I guess you could try to modify them by doing a bodyweight version, but that ruins the whole point of doing exactly these exercises because they are the most effective.

The nutritional plan is also impressively educational. Unlike other fad diets, you will not see any restriction of macronutrients in Greg’s proposed plan. It does involve intermittent fasting, which has been praised by many but takes some getting used to. At first, you might feel hungrier than usual, but that will just be while your body adjusts. Not to worry, you will not be starving. In fact, calorie-wise you will be having more or less the same number of calories as you would in other weight loss nutrition plans. The difference here is only the timing and ultimately you will probably find that it is a good difference.

You will only be having 2 meals and 1 snack throughout the entire day.

Sounds difficult?

It is also very much no-fuss.

You will not have to worry about preparing and carrying around small meals, and you will feel much more full and satiated after each meal. Along with that, Greg will be teaching you about food and good nutrition, why they matter in your journey and how to use food to your advantage, as a way of achieving and maintaining a healthy body.

This is super important because unlike crash diets, this one right here aims at long-term change. There is weight loss and toning up, but then there is maintenance, and this is where you would usually struggle if you have done a short-term strict diet.

The yo-yo effect is real!


Kinobody Goddess Review Final Thoughts

There are tons of factors that will define whether you succeed or not. And by tons, I mean just one. And under that one, I mean you.

Ultimately, Greg’s program is a very well-structured, informative, and empowering tool, but it all comes down to pushing yourself. This does not mean military-level though and having to begin a new life as an entirely different person. Then again, to a certain extent, it does. Anyways, where I am going with this Kinobody Goddess review is that it the program is solid, it is pretty neat and great, but it will be up to you to follow it.

Surprise, surprise, right?

What will be some of your main takeaways (a.k.a. spoilers ahead):

When it comes to exercises, there are two really big things Greg emphasizes on. One, of course, is the fact that weight lifting and strength training, in general, does not make you bulky, and you should not avoid it like the plague. He elaborates a lot on the different benefits of strength training for women. In fact, the entire workout program is based on building muscle as a means of toning up (not necessarily losing weight though since muscle weights more than fat).

He does this thing where he compares the exercises and the results to Hollywood celebrities, so that also helps with inspiration, but it is definitely not the main thing. He insists, though, and that is a very good proof of his claim, that the sexiest celebrities are not super skinny, but rather — super toned. Skinny-fat is real and not super attractive, and toned bodies are all the rage!

The other myth that is dispelled is, of course, cardio. Greg argues that those hours on the treadmill can have little to no visible results because building muscle works better for achieving your fitness goals than doing tons of exhausting cardio.

Finally, there is the frequent meal myth.

Personally, I am not so sure about that. True, we can see some great results in people who do intermittent fasting and health experts and scientists alike are beginning to see a lot of proof that could point to the benefit of ditching the ‘6 small meals a day’ mentality. At the same time, it is still conventional wisdom in the nutrition and medical fields that frequent meals keep your insulin levels stable and thus help prevent sudden cravings as well as the damage of quick insulin rises and drops.

In any case, try it out for yourself, but make sure to speak to your physician first. He or she can offer some valuable insight into your personal health and give you some extra tips. Always good to talk to the docs!

I hope you found this Kinobody Goddess review helpful—if you have any questions, leave them below!

PS: You can get instant access to the entire Kinobody Goddess program—just click here.